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Here are some good websites to use for academic purposes, listed by subject:

Multiple Topics
Crash Course — 10- to 15-minute videos about biology and world history.
Directory of Open Access Journals — Freely available journal articles to complement the library’s subscriptions.
Khan Academy — 10-minute videos about math (from arithmetic to differential equations), science (including medicine), economics (including finance), history, art history, and more.
Open Culture — Free ebooks, online courses, and language lessons.

Purdue Online Writing Lab — Everything you need to know about formatting and citations for your MLA- or APA-style paper.
Writing in College — A guide to preparing for college writing and actually drafting and writing a paper.

Literature — Information about modern plays and playwrights.
The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction — A Wikipedia-like listing of science fiction works and authors.
Invitation to World Literature — An introduction to 13 classic works.

Chemistry World Podcasts — Interviews with scientists and a whirlwind tour of the periodic table.
iBioSeminars — Video lectures on topics related to biology.
MicrobeWorld — News, video, and other resources in microbiology.
Minute Physics — What it says on the box. Physics concepts in minute-long videos.
Royal Society Publishing — Free access to biology journals online.
The Scientist Magazine — A magazine covering new ideas and trends in the life sciences.
SciShow — 5-minute videos covering various topics in science.
Scitable — Web-based e-books and articles about the life sciences, with a focus on cell biology and genetics.
Sloan Digital Sky Survey — Pictures and information about the universe.
Technology Review — Information about technology from MIT.

CancerQuest — Cancer education and outreach from Emory University. — News and information about health research.
The Medical Heritage Library — Access to historical resources in medicine.
NLMplus — A search tool for publicly available medical research journals.
Penn Nursing Science — Historical nursing resources. — Information about women’s health from the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services.

K8 Science — Presentations and lessons for teachers of science.
PBS Teachers — Classroom resources for teachers of all subjects.

Cambridge Digital Library — Digitized manuscripts related to science and religion.
Documenting the American South — 500 oral interviews about the American South.
digitalMETRO — Digital collections from the Metropolitan New York Library Council.
Economic Policy Institute — Research and commentary on economic policy.
EUscreen — Video, images, and audio from European television.
Forum Network — Lectures from WGBH Boston public television.
New York Art Resources Consortium — Images and exhibitions from The Brooklyn Museum, The Frick Collection, and The Museum of Modern Art.
Old Time Radio Researchers Group — Audio files and information about “old time radio.”