Course Distributions – Feb 2014

Hello all

We would like to remind you that your technical representatives have access to our Blackboard Server’s final courses. They are in Blackboard 9.1 format, and if needed, they can be converted to Instructure Canvas format. Some courses are already in Canvas format for consortium use.
These are:

CAP2140 – Digital Forensics
CGS1061 – Introduction to Computers
CGS1100 – Microcomputer Applications
CGS1560 – Microcomputer Operating Systems
COP1000 – Introduction to Programming
EGS1000 – Professional Performance for the Technician
HCP0780C – Allied Health Assistant – Phlebotomy
HCP0781C – Advanced Health Assistant
HCP0796 – Patient Care Technician
HIM1253 – Introduction to Coding
HIM2012 – Health Law
HIM2229 – Introduction to Coding and Classification Systems
HIM2284C – Intermediate Coding and Classification Systems
PHT1007 – Topics in Physical Therapy
PHT2301 – Pathological Conditions in Physical Therapy
PRN0020 – Human Development Across the Lifespan
PRN0070 – Basic Nutrition

We will continue to convert courses (with the help of Edison College) to Canvas as needed. Thanks for your interest.

David C.