EMS1119 – Emergency Medical Technician




Emergency Medical Technician


EMS 1119 Emergency Medical Technician, covers the U.S. Department of Transportation National Education Standards for Emergency Medical Technician. This curriculum is intended to prepare a medically competent EMT to operate in the field. This course is designed to instruct a student to the level of Emergency Medical Technician, who serves as a vital link in the chain of the health care team. It is recognized that the majority of pre-hospital emergency medical care will be provided by the EMT. The content of these modules includes the role and function of the EMT, ethical and legal (Ch. 401 F.S. and 64J-1 F.A.C.) aspects of EMS, lifting and moving, scene size-up, communications, documentation, overview of anatomy and physiology, patient assessment and management skills, two hours of Trauma Scorecard Methodology (Ch. 64J-1, FAC), SUIDS training consistent with Section 383, F.S., communicable diseases, ambulance operations and related hazards. In addition to class meetings and weekly on-line quizzes and assignments, students are required to demonstrate mastery of all psychomotor skills in the skills lab before being permitted to perform skills in the clinical setting. The course meets the requirements of the Florida Department of Health, Bureau of Emergency Medical Services (64J-1 FAC). Emergency Medical Technician Lab (EMS 1119L) and EMT Hospital / Field Experience (EMS 1431), are required co-requisites and satisfy additional educational requirements set by the Florida Department of Education and the Florida Department of Health, Bureau of Emergency Medical Services (64J-1 FAC).