Accelerated Program Videos

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The FRC-TEC team seeks to improve retention and achievement rates, and reduce time to completion. Traditional education often fails workers needing quick workforce re-entry. Associate degrees can take full-time students more than four years to complete.

Accelerated college programs help Florida students graduate from college faster and save money. Programs may vary from school to school, but there three basic ways to accelerate; planning and scheduling, getting credit for prior learning and choosing an accelerated program of study.

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In the following video, Keith Seagle, FSCJ Accelerated College Manager explains the methods of accelerating college:

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Acceleration Video 1 – Intro

This video goes into greater detail about how planning and scheduling is essential for a successful accelerated college experience:

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Acceleration Video 2 – Step 1

The way to save a lot of time and money is to get credit for prior learning for what you already know. Here’s how:

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Acceleration Video 3 – Step 2

Accelerated Programs feature a prescribed program of study to move you quickly though a specific program:

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Acceleration Video 4 – Step 3

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Not all colleges offer accelerated schedules, and no two will be exactly alike. Some may require you to join a cohort of students, moving through the courses together. Others may offer online, or mornings, or evening or one day a week, or weekend programs and some even allow you to progress at your own pace. But all accelerated programs have two things in common: efficiency and pacing. You only take the courses you need and you are expected to move quickly, without changing majors or “stopping out” for a term. Only you can decide if that’s best for you.