How to’s

How do I get a FSCJ blog?

Please feel free to contact Brandi at

Changing the theme of your blog.

It’s quite easy to change the look of your blog, just click on “Appearance” in the left nav menu and then click on the “Activate” link in the theme of your choice.  From there, you can play with the page layout or even creating your own custom header graphic.  If you don’t feel up to creating something, contact your Multimedia Specialist for assistance.

Can I get more theme choices?

If there is a theme you’d like, but don’t see it among the themes available, please send a request to  The same goes for plug-ins and widgets as well.

 How do I…

One of your best tools is to use Google and learn simple html.  It’s not hard to do and your blog will love you for it.  Here’s a great site to pick up a few things to try out.





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