Article I Name

The name shall be the Administrative and Professional Collaborative of the Florida State College at Jacksonville.

Article II Purpose and Activities

Section 1: The Administrative and Professional Collaborative (“APC”) is a representative voice for administrative and professional employees to provide leadership, counsel and advice to the college community as appropriate. The APC shall also be dedicated to promoting a collegial community focused on teaching and learning.

Article III Membership and Representation

Section 1 – Eligible members: Employees who are classified as Administrative or Professional shall be considered members of the Administrative and Professional Collaborative and entitled to participation and representation on all issues. Only elected representatives of the various units shall vote at APC meetings.

The College recognizes the importance of voluntary participation by employees in the APC and encourages supervisors to support employees who wish to serve as elected representatives of the APC by allowing reasonable release time for such activities. Any employees who wish to participate as APC officers shall discuss their anticipated time commitment with their supervisors in advance and obtain their supervisor’s approval prior to serving as an officer. The time commitment for APC activities by officers must be agreed upon in advance by the employee’s supervisor and the hours granted per month must be reasonable in light of the employee’s primary work activities.

Section 2 – Representation: Each college unit (Downtown, Kent/Cecil, Administrative Offices/URC, North/Nassau, Open/Deerwood and South) administrative and professional employees shall ideally be represented by two elected administrative and/or professional employees. Each college unit with fewer than three administrative and/or professional employees willing to serve as representatives, administrative and professional employees will be represented by the two administrative and/or professional employees with the highest number of votes in the annual election.

The Administrative Offices/URC, because of its numbers of administrative and professional employees compared to the campuses, shall ideally have four administrative and/or professional employee representatives.

Representatives for each college unit shall be elected by their peers to serve two (2) year terms. Terms shall run concurrently with the College’s academic year. Representatives may be re-elected.

The immediate past Chair shall serve as the Ex-Officio member for one year with voting rights and privileges.

Article IV Officers and Responsibilities of Officers and Representatives

Section 1 – Officers: The officers of the Administrative and Professional Collaborative shall consist of a Chair, Chair-elect, Past Chair, and Secretary. Officers shall be elected at-large by members in the Spring of each year to annual terms of office which shall begin July 1 and run through June 30 of the next academic year. The Secretary may be re-elected to one consecutive term.

Section 2 – Responsibilities: The Chair, as the principal officer, shall be responsible for the conduct of all business of the APC. The Chair shall represent the APC’s position in all matters to the College President and various bodies as appropriate, including at the College Leadership Council (CLC). Following his or her term in office, the Chair shall serve as Past-Chair for one year.

The Chair-elect shall assist the Chair in the conduct of business and representation of the APC, including being prepared to assume the responsibilities of the Chair in his or her absence. The Chair-elect will assume the Chair at the end of the Chair’s term of office or if the Chair vacates the position.

The Secretary shall be responsible for maintaining the official records, submitting all information to be posted on the APC Website, and assisting the Chair and Chair-elect in the conduct of the affairs of the APC. The Secretary, as directed by the Chair, shall notify members of all regular and special meetings. The Secretary shall be prepared to assume the responsibilities of the Chair-elect in his or her absence.

The Past Chair shall serve as advisor, when requested. The Past Chair shall be responsible for monitoring and seeking updates, when necessary, to APM 02-1929.

Section 3 – Vacancies: The Chair shall have the authority to appoint officers and representatives to fill vacancies for the remainder of un-expired terms.

Section 4 – Power to Create Additional Offices: The Officers shall have the power to create additional offices, as it deems necessary and appropriate.

Section 5 – Removal: Failure to execute faithfully the duties of the office constitutes cause for an officer’s removal. Removal of an officer shall require a two-thirds majority of those members voting in a general election.

Section 6 – Representatives: The representatives shall be elected annually and will be responsible for:

Attending meetings of the APC

Developing the structure of the APC

▪ Articulating the concerns and issues of the represented unit

Disseminating information to constituents

Representing the APC in the College community

Representing the APC with the governing and policy making bodies within the College

Defining and expanding the initial scope of activities for the APC to include leadership, mentoring and modeling

Article V Nominations and Elections

Section 1 – Nominations: The Chair shall present a slate of proposed new officers to all administrative and professional employees. Additional nominations may be written in on the ballot.

Section 2 – Elections: Election of APC officers shall be by majority vote of all administrative and professional employees. Elections will be conducted in the Spring of each year.

Section 3 – Term of Office: The terms of office of elected officers shall be one year commencing on July 1 and run through June 30 of the next academic year. Officers shall be installed at the annual meeting of the APC.

Section 4 – Representatives: Representatives for each College Unit shall be elected annually by their peers to serve two-year terms. Terms shall run from July 1 through June 30 two years later. One half of the total representation for each campus or center shall be elected yearly. Representatives may be re-elected.

Article VI Committees

Section 1 – Special Committees and Task Forces: The Chair shall identify such Special Committees as may be required from time to time to accomplish the goals and objectives of the APC. The Chair shall have the authority to appoint such Special Committees.

Article VII Conduct of Business

Section 1: All members have the right and privilege to attend meetings of the APC.

Section 2: The APC Officers and elected representatives shall meet monthly. An annual general membership meeting will be held for the purpose of installing new officers and representatives.

Section 3: Special meetings may be called with not less than ten days’ notice by the Chair of the APC.

Section 4: The Secretary, as directed by the Chair, shall notify members of all regular meetings and special meetings.

Section 5: The rules of order of the APC shall be in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order.

Section 6: A quorum for any regular business meeting of the APC shall consist of a majority of the elected members (10 of 18) in attendance. A majority of committee members shall constitute a quorum for all APC special committee meetings.

Section 7: There shall be no proxy votes; however, electronic voting is acceptable.

Section 8: Members and non-members may submit items to the Officers for inclusion on the published meeting agenda at least three days before any regular business meeting.

Section 9: The APC represents and reports back to administrative and professional employees of the College and the college president, as appropriate. The APC has the authority to make recommendations on behalf of its members on any matter or issue of concern to its membership.

Section 10: All affairs of the APC are to be governed in accordance with the Bylaws of the APC and Robert’s Rules of Order.

Article VIII Amendments

Section 1: The APC may amend, alter, rescind or repeal these Bylaws by majority vote of the members, provided that the text of the Proposal to amend has been made available to the members of the APC at least two weeks prior to the meeting at which the amendments are to be considered.

Revised December 2016

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