A – B: General Reference, Philosophy, Psychology, & Religion

New Books for July 2021:

Due to the transition to Alma, no new titles were added this month. Please check back next month for new titles.

New Books for June 2021:

FJCSO AZ195 .W55 2020 Digital humanities for librarians  Wilson, Emma Annette 2020
FJCSO B105.C477 D445 2018 From bacteria to Bach and back : the evolution of minds  Dennett, D. C. (Dani 2018
FJCSO B105.C477 D45 1991 Consciousness explained  Dennett, Daniel Clem 1991
FJCDO FJCSO B837 .B47 2021 Calling bullshit : the art of skepticism in a data-driven wo Bergstrom, Carl T., 2021
FJCSO BC175 .P385 2019 The thinker’s guide to fallacies : the art of mental tricker Paul, Richard. ©2019
FJCSO BC199.Q4 E43 2019 The art of asking essential questions : based on critical th Elder, Linda, 1962- c2019
FJCDE BF121 .C336 2020 The Cambridge handbook of psychology and human rights    2020
FJCSO BF1461 .L17 2017 Take your pick of haunted places  Lake, G. G., author. 2017
FJCSO BF323.L5 M87 2020 You’re not listening : what you’re missing and why it matter Murphy, Kate (Journa 2020
FJCSO BF39 .C4885 2016 Algorithms to live by : the computer science of human decisi Christian, Brian, 19 2016
FJCSO BF431 .L43245 2020 Birth of intelligence : from RNA to AI  Lee, Daeyeol, author 2020
FJCSO BF441 .E413 2016 The thinker’s guide to analytic thinking : how to take think Elder, Linda, 1962- 2016
FJCSO BF441 .E43 2015 The thinker’s guide to taking charge of the human mind : thi Elder, Linda, 1962- 2015
FJCSO BF441 .E45 2019 The thinker’s guide to intellectual standards : the words th Elder, Linda. c2019
FJCSO BF441 .P3865 2019 The thinker’s guide to scientific thinking : based on critic Paul, Richard, autho 2019
FJCKE BF575.N35 E93 2020 Narcissistic abuse and codependency : the complete recovery Evans, Courtney, aut 2020
FJCSO BF611 .W36 2021 Cognitive choice modeling  Wang, Zheng Joyce, a 2021
FJCNA BF637.C4 B483 2017 Do the work : the official unrepentant, ass-kicking, no-kidd Bishop, Gary John, a 2019
FJCDO BF637.D599 T7 2018 Travel as transformation : conquer the limits of culture to Diehl, Gregory V. 2018
FJCKE BF637.S8 W35 2019 The power of self-talk : how to stop beating yourself up, ta Wallace, Stuart, aut 2019
FJCSO BF697 .O94 2015 The Oxford handbook of identity development    2015
FJCDE BF717 .G73 2015 Free to learn : why unleashing the instinct to play will mak Gray, Peter (Peter O 2015
FJCDE BF76.7 .P83 2010 Publication manual of the American Psychological Association   2010
FJCSO BJ1031 .P385 2018 The thinker’s guide to understanding the foundations of ethi Paul, Richard, autho c2018
FJCSO BJ1461 .D4276 2021 Just deserts : debating free will  Dennett, D. C. (Dani 2021
FJCSO BM205 .A44 2020 American Jewish thought since 1934 : writings on identity, e   2020
FJCKE BP67.U6 C658 2019 Islam in America : exploring the issues  Considine, Craig, au 2019

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