C-G: History & Geography

New Books for January 2023:

FJCSO CIRC D Poland 1939 : The Outbreak of World War II
FJCSO CIRC D299 .M359 2022 A concise history of modern Europe : liberty, equality, solidarity
FJCDE ESOL D810.C88 M86 2017 Code girls : the untold story of the American women code breakers of World War II
FJCSO CIRC DA28.2 .W449 2022 Queens of the age of chivalry : 1299-1409
FJCSO CIRC DA590 .M643 2022 The Queen : her life
FJCSO CIRC DB925.1 .M6413 2001 A concise history of Hungary
FJCSO CIRC DC220.1 .B53 2022 The French revolutionary and Napoleonic wars : strategies for a world war
FJCKE CIRC DE Drawing Down the Moon : Magic in the Ancient Greco-Roman World
FJCSO CIRC DF553 .S74 2022 New Rome : the empire in the east
FJCSO CIRC DG For the Freedom of Zion : The Great Revolt of Jews Against Romans, 66�74 Ce
FJCSO CIRC DG223.3 .E883 2013 The Etruscan world
FJCKE CIRC DG806.2 .M34 2020 The Eternal City : a history of Rome in maps
FJCSO CIRC DK A Concise History of Albania
FJCDE CIRC DK510.764 .A76 2022 Putin’s trolls : on the frontlines of Russia’s information war against the world
FJCSO CIRC DK856 .K47 2021 Central Asia : a new history from the imperial conquests to the present
FJCSO CIRC DP17 .P55 2016 A concise history of Spain
FJCSO CIRC DR486 .D43 2022 The Ottomans : a cultural legacy
FJCSO CIRC DS A History of Popular Culture in Japan : From the Seventeenth Century to the Present
FJCSO CIRC DS A History of Rice in China
FJCSO CIRC DS A Short History of Beijing
FJCSO CIRC DS Afghanistan : A Cultural and Political History
FJCSO CIRC DS My Hokkaido : The Ultimate Guide to Japan’s Great Northern Islands
FJCSO CIRC DS My Travels in Japan
FJCSO CIRC DS Scars of 1947 : Real Partition Stories
FJCSO CIRC DS Shogun : The Life and Times of Tokugawa Ieyasu: Japan’s Greatest Ruler
FJCSO CIRC DS Shrimp to Whale : South Korea from the Forgotten War to K-Pop
FJCSO CIRC DS The Amur River : Between Russia and China
FJCSO CIRC DS The Arab Conquests : The Spread of Islam and the First Caliphates
FJCSO CIRC DS The New Cambridge History of India : Islam in South Asia
FJCSO CIRC DS The Obsessed : Otaku, Tribes, and Subcultures of Japan
FJCSO CIRC DS The Other Faces of the Empire : Ordinary Lives Against Social Order and Hierarchy
FJCDO CIRC DS135.N6 F73595 2022 The betrayal of Anne Frank : a cold case investigation
FJCSO CIRC DS19 .M687 2022 The Mongol storm : making and breaking empires in the medieval Near East
FJCSO CIRC DS494.5 .W43 2005 A history of Nepal
FJCSO CIRC DS556.5 .H39 2022 A brief history of Vietnam : colonialism, war, and renewal : the story of a nation transformed
FJCSO CIRC DS58 .M28 2021 Nomads in the Middle East
FJCSO CIRC DS685 .C37 2016 The Foundations of the Modern Philippine State : Imperial Rule and the American Constitutional Tradition in the Philippine Islands, 1898-1935
FJCKE CIRC DS735 .J35 2021 The shortest history of China : from the ancient dynasties to a modern superpower-a retelling for our times
FJCSO CIRC DS779.32 .B77 2021 June fourth : the Tiananmen protests and Beijing Massacre of 1989
FJCSO CIRC DT1787 .R67 2008 A Concise History of South Africa.
FJCSO CIRC DT87.5 .D632 2022 Tutankhamun, King of Egypt : his life and afterlife
FJCDO CIRC DT87.5 .W49 2023 Tutankhamun’s trumpet : ancient Egypt in 100 objects from the boy king’s tomb
FJCSO CIRC DU I, the Aboriginal
FJCSO CIRC DU Lauga : Understanding Samoan Oratory
FJCSO CIRC DU My People’s Songs : How an Indigenous Family Survived Colonial Tasmania
FJCSO CIRC DU510 .T56 2019 Sea people : the puzzle of Polynesia
FJCSO CIRC E Daniel Shays’s Honorable Rebellion : An American Story
FJCSO CIRC E The End of Ambition : The United States and the Third World in the Vietnam Era
FJCDO CIRC E Trauma, Tresses & Truth : Untangling Our Hair Through Personal Narratives
FJCDO CIRC E169.1 .C235 2016 American cultural studies : an introduction to American culture
FJCDO CIRC E184.7 .C673 2020 The ABCs of Black history
FJCDO CIRC E184.P28 A45 2022 Go back to where you came from : and other helpful recommendations on how to become American
FJCCE FJCDE FJCDO FJCKE FJCNA FJCNO FJCSO BEST E184.P28 C53 2022 Fatty fatty boom boom : a memoir of food, fat, and family
FJCSO CIRC E185.18 .M337 2021 Until justice be done : America’s first civil rights movement, from the Revolution to Reconstruction
FJCSO CIRC E185.18 .M55 2021 Beyond slavery’s shadow : free people of color in the South
FJCDO CIRC E185.98.A1 G74 2023 The Grimkes : the legacy of slavery in an American family
FJCDO CIRC E302.1 .G88 2022 The Jeffersonians : the visionary presidencies of Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe
FJCSO CIRC E444.W815 M35 2019 Sweet taste of liberty : a true story of slavery and restitution in America
FJCSO CIRC E446 .W26 2016 New England bound : slavery and colonization in early America
FJCSO CIRC E449.D75 F7395 2021 Frederick Douglass in context
FJCDO CIRC E450.S85 D54 2022 Vigilance : the life of William Still, Father of the Underground Railroad
FJCSO CIRC E836 .H63 2021 The religious journey of Dwight D. Eisenhower : duty, God, and country
FJCNO CIRC E840.5.P68 A3 2012 It worked for me : in life and leadership
FJCSO CIRC E840.8.P376 A3 2022 So help me God
FJCSO CIRC E876 .H86 2021 We begin bombing in five minutes : late Cold War culture in the age of Reagan
FJCDO CIRC E89 .G37 2022 The earth is all that lasts : Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, and the last stand of the great Sioux nation
FJCSO CIRC E909 .O24 2022 The light we carry : overcoming in uncertain times
FJCDO CIRC E909.O24 A3 2022 The light we carry : overcoming in uncertain times
FJCKE CIRC E912 .D36 2020 The art of the lie . how the manipulation of language affects our minds
FJCDO CIRC E915 .M37 2022 This will not pass : Trump, Biden, and the battle for America’s future
FJCKE CIRC F Boom and Bust in Puerto Rico : How Politics Destroyed an Economic Miracle
FJCKE CIRC F Rastafari : A Very Short Introduction
FJCSO CIRC F Ninety Miles and a Lifetime Away : Memories of Early Cuban Exiles
FJCSO CIRC F1026 .C6868 2021 A concise history of Canada
FJCSO CIRC F1226 .H36 2006 A concise history of Mexico
FJCSO CIRC F128.44 .H34 2020 The last slave ships : New York and the end of the middle passage
FJCSO CIRC F128.68.B8 J65 2022 South Bronx rising : the rise, fall, and resurrection of an American city
FJCSO CIRC F1776 .F397 2021 Cuba : an American history
FJCSO CIRC F1923.T69 H39 2021 Black Spartacus : the epic life of Toussaint Louverture
FJCSO CIRC F213 .A884 2022 The attention of a traveller : essays on William Bartram’s “Travels” and legacy
FJCSO CIRC F216.2 .G343 2022 The southernization of America : a story of democracy in the balance
FJCSO CIRC F234.R553 L864 2022 The Devil’s half acre : the untold story of how one woman liberated the South’s most notorious slave jail
FJCSO CIRC F234.S9 E43 2022 To walk about in freedom : the long emancipation of Priscilla Joyner
FJCSO CIRC F247.K2 A83 2022 Another Appalachia : coming up queer and Indian in a mountain place
FJCSO CIRC F301 .B86 2020 Fourteenth colony : the forgotten story of the Gulf South during America’s Revolutionary era
FJCSO CIRC F310 .G68 2020 The governors of Florida
FJCSO CIRC F311.6 .C58 2022 Florida literary luminaries : writing in paradise
FJCSO CIRC F315 .T43 2022 Forgotten Florida : an engaging story of the building of Tallahassee, the establishment of Key West, and the settlement of Sanibel Island
FJCSO CIRC F316.2 .R87 2020 In the land of good living : a journey to the heart of Florida
FJCSO CIRC F316.23.C35 M67 2020 Millard Fillmore Caldwell : governing on the wrong side of history
FJCSO CIRC F317.E9 K87 2021 Everglades National Park
FJCSO CIRC F317.E9 W48 2022 From swamp to wetland : the creation of Everglades National Park
FJCSO CIRC F317.S2 T46 2020 1872 Florida : St. John’s and Oklawaha rivers
FJCSO CIRC F317.W5 B46 2022 Presidios of Spanish West Florida
FJCDO CIRC F319.J1 B378 2022 Moving forward : from space-age rides to Civil Rights sit-ins with Airman Alton Yates
FJCSO CIRC F319.S2 B688 2019 St. Augustine in the 1930s and 1940s
FJCSO CIRC F341 .S655 2022 Behind the big house : reconciling slavery, race, and heritage in the U.S. South
FJCSO CIRC F380.B53 W55 2022 Mardi Gras Indians
FJCSO CIRC F454.B66 D78 2021 Blood and treasure : Daniel Boone and the fight for America’s first frontier
FJCSO CIRC F548.52 .H46 2022 When the news broke : Chicago 1968 and the polarizing of America
FJCSO CIRC F67.H92 W47 2021 The passion of Anne Hutchinson : an extraordinary woman, the Puritan patriarchs, and the world they made and lost
FJCSO CIRC F786 .M665 2022 Billy the Kid : el bandido simpaatico
FJCSO CIRC F868.Y6 N38 2022 Nature’s mountain mansion : wonder, wrangles, bloodshed, and bellyaching from nineteenth-century Yosemite
FJCDO CIRC G Lonely Planet Offbeat : 100 Amazing Places Away from the Tourist Trail
FJCDO CIRC G1000.2 .B76 2020 The sky atlas : the greatest maps, myths and discoveries of the universe
FJCDO CIRC GA108.7 .B76 2018 The phantom atlas : the greatest myths, lies and blunders on maps
FJCKE CIRC GE Thicker Than Water : The Quest for Solutions to the Plastic Crisis
FJCKE CIRC GE140 .S485 2021 The planetary emergency : environmental collapse and the promise of ecocivilization
FJCDO CIRC GV1785.C635 A3 2022 The wind at my back : resilience, grace, and other gifts from my mentor, Raven Wilkinson
FJCKE CIRC GV571 .V36 2021 Games people played : a global history of sport
FJCDO CIRC GV697.T5 M27 2022 Path lit by lightning : the life of Jim Thorpe
FJCDO CIRC GV859.8 .F68 2022 Four wheels and a board : the Smithsonian history of skateboarding
FJCKE CIRC GV951 .C78 2021 When the cheering stops : life after the NFL

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