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New Books for July 2021:

Due to the transition to Alma, no new titles were added this month. Please check back next month for new titles.

New Books for June 2021:

FJCSO H62 .G67 2019 Doing academic research : a practical guide to research meth Gournelos, Ted, 1979 2019
FJCSO HB251 .R54 2011 The rational optimist : how prosperity evolves Ridley, Matt. 2011
FJCCE HC110.I5 V36 2020 The vanishing American dream : a frank look at the economic 2020
FJCDO HD6955 .J34 2021 Work won’t love you back : how devotion to our jobs keeps us Jaffe, Sarah, 1980- 2021
FJCKE HD9502 .F75 2020 Energy, economics, and ethics : the promise and peril of a g Friesen, Kenneth Mar 2020
FJCSO HG1710.3 .H544 2019 Cryptocurrency Higgins, M. G., auth 2019
FJCSO HG3058.D4 E57 2020 Dark towers : Deutsche Bank, Donald Trump, and an epic trail Enrich, David, 1979- 2020
FJCNA HM881 .D46 2020 How social movements can save democracy : democratic innovat Della Porta, Donatel 2020
FJCDE HQ21 .C456 2020 Ace : what asexuality reveals about desire, society, and the Chen, Angela, 1991- 2020
FJCDE HV4505 .W234 2018 No longer homeless : how the ex-homeless get and stay off th Wagner, David, autho 2018
FJCCE HV6275 .M47 2020 Republic of lies : American conspiracy theorists and their s Merlan, Anna, author 2020
FJCSO JK716 .S56 2021 Civil service exam study guide 2021-2022 : preparation book Simon, Elissa, autho 2021
FJCSO LB1027.3 .P38 2007 A critical thinker’s guide to educational fads : how to get Paul, Richard. c2007
FJCSO LB1027.44 .P38 2016 The thinker’s guide to the art of Socratic questioning : bas Paul, Richard. 2016
FJCSO LB1029.G3 H34 2020 Handbook of game-based learning 2020
FJCSO LB1049 .P38 2019 The thinker’s guide for students on how to study & learn a d Paul, Richard. 2019
FJCSO LB1050.45 .P38 2014 How to read a paragraph : the art of close reading Paul, Richard. 2014
FJCSO LB1590.3 .S372 2020 Thinking like a lawyer : a framework for teaching critical t Seale, Colin, 1982- 2020
FJCSO LB1590.3 E44 2019 A guide for educators to critical thinking competency standa Paul, Richard. c2019
FJCSO LB2343.4 .R47 2019 Rethinking college student development theory using critical 2019
FJCSO LB2364 .C66 2016 Continuity and innovation in honors college curricula 2016
FJCSO LB2364 .G55 2016 Present successes and future challenges in honors education Glover, Robert, 1980 2016
FJCSO LB2364 .S83 2017 Structural challenges and the future of honors education 2017
FJCSO LB2364 .W643 2012 Teaching for excellence : honors pedagogies revealed Wolfensberger, Marca 2012
FJCCE FJCDE FJCDO FJCKE FJCNA FJCNO FJCSO LB2369 .M52 2021 MLA handbook MLA handbook for wri 2021
FJCSO LB2369 .P65 2021 How to use storytelling in your academic writing : technique Pollock, Timothy G., 2021
FJCSO LB2395.35 .P38 2014 How to improve student learning : 30 practical ideas based o Paul, Richard, autho 2014
FJCSO LB3060.65 .A87 2017 Assessing student portfolios for college credit Leader Kelley, Chari 2017
FJCSO LC1037 .R45 2018 A student’s guide to communication and self-presentation : r Reinhard-Gorney, Mon c2018
FJCSO LC191.9 .J66 2013 Identity development of college students : advancing framewo Jones, Susan R., 195 2013
FJCSO LC220.5 .G456 2018 Assessing service-learning and civic engagement : principles Gelmon, Sherril B., 2018
FJCSO LC220.5 .J33 2015 Service-learning essentials : questions, answers, and lesson Jacoby, Barbara, aut 2015
FJCSO LC238 .C665 2017 The community engagement professional in higher education : 2017
FJCSO LC238 .R43 2018 Reconceptualizing faculty development in service-learningco 2018
FJCSO LC238 .Y36 2018 Place-based community engagement in higher education : a str Yamamura, Erica K., 2018

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