H-L: Social Science, Political Science, Law, & Education

New Books for January 2023:

FJCKE CIRC HB171 .W54 2019 Naked economics : undressing the dismal science
FJCDO CIRC HB501 .G348 2022 The man who broke capitalism : how Jack Welch gutted the Heartland and crushed the soul of corporate America–and how to undo his legacy
FJCDE CIRC HC106.84 .G75 2022 The next American economy : nation, state, and markets in an uncertain world
FJCDE CIRC HC110.P6 A72 2022 The fight to save the town : reimagining discarded America
FJCDO CIRC HC110.P6 A72 2022 The fight to save the town : reimagining discarded America
FJCKE CIRC HC125 .F682 2019 The puzzle of Latin American economic development
FJCDE CIRC HC79.D5 F67 2022 Homecoming : the path to prosperity in a post-global world
FJCKE CIRC HD The Fashion Business Reader
FJCKE CIRC HD1390.5 .B734 2019 Nolo’s essential guide to buying your first home
FJCKE CIRC HD216 .W48 2020 America’s public lands : from Yellowstone to Smokey Bear and beyond
FJCDE CIRC HD2336.3 .K87 2022 The 10-second commute : new realities of virtual work
FJCDE CIRC HD2721 For profit : a history of corporations
FJCKE CIRC HD30.213 .M342 2020 Information systems : what every business students needs to know
FJCKE CIRC HD30.28 .M3839 2018 How to write a business plan
FJCKE CIRC HD31.2 .C636 2020 Management fundamentals
FJCKE CIRC HD38.2 .M3922 2021 Leading in tough times : overcome even the greatest challenges with courage and confidence
FJCKE CIRC HD4904.25 .R625 2019 Fair play : a game-changing solution for when you have too much to do (and more life to live)
FJCKE CIRC HD57.7 .H36936 2022 Lead to win : how to be a powerful, impactful, influential leader in any environment
FJCKE CIRC HD59 .L44 2020 The public relations writer’s handbook
FJCDE CIRC HD6060 .B33 2022 The No Club : putting a stop to women’s dead-end work
FJCKE CIRC HD62.5 .B938 2020 Entrepreneurship
FJCDE CIRC HD8039.P4 B43 2022 Ducks : two years in the oil sands
FJCDO CIRC HD9415 .S67 2022 Raw deal : hidden corruption, corporate greed, and the fight for the future of meat
FJCDE CIRC HD9675.O643 U64 2022 American cartel : inside the battle to bring down the opioid industry
FJCDE CIRC HD9696.8.U64 Y6834 2022 Like, comment, subscribe : inside YouTube’s chaotic rise to world domination
FJCDE CIRC HD9710.U54 T47495 2021 Power play : Tesla, Elon Musk, and the bet of the century
FJCDE CIRC HD9711.75.U62 B47 2022 Space race 2.0 : SpaceX, Blue Origin, Virgin Orbit, NASA, and the privatization of the final frontier
FJCKE CIRC HD9940.A2 G76 2021 A practical guide to the fashion industry : concept to customer
FJCKE CIRC HF A Very Short, Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap Book About International Business
FJCDE CIRC HF5718 .G3524 2022 The Bezos blueprint : communication secrets of the world’s greatest salesman
FJCDO CIRC HF5718 .G3524 2022 The Bezos blueprint : communication secrets of the world’s greatest salesman
FJCDE CIRC HF5718 .G85 2023 Communication essentials : the tools you need to master every type of professional interaction
FJCDE CIRC HF5718.5 .C69 2022 Writing on the job : best practices for communicating in the digital age
FJCSO CIRC HJ6690 .H37 2021 Mutiny on the Rising Sun : a tragic tale of slavery, smuggling, and chocolate
FJCKE CIRC HM The Origins of Happiness : The Science of Well-Being over the Life Course
FJCDE CIRC HM742 .F53 2022 The chaos machine : the inside story of how social media rewired our minds and our world
FJCDO CIRC HM846 .S29 2022 The future is analog : how to create a more human world
FJCDO CIRC HQ1163 .H83 2022 Ride-or-die : a feminist manifesto for the well-being of Black women
FJCKE CIRC HQ1237 .C75 2019 Invisible women : data bias in a world designed for men
FJCDO CIRC HQ21 .C585 2022 How sex changed the internet and the internet changed sex : an unexpected history
FJCSO CIRC HQ75.8.K35 C47 2020 The deviant’s war : the homosexual vs. the United States of America
FJCKE CIRC HQ755.85 .M555 2020 Parents’ beliefs about children
FJCDO CIRC HQ759 .G8175 2022 Screaming on the inside : the unsustainability of American motherhood
FJCDE CIRC HQ767.15 .A546 2022 Tearing us apart : how abortion harms everything and solves nothing
FJCDE CIRC HQ767.5.U5 A528 2022 No choice : the destruction of Roe v. Wade and the fight to protect a fundamental American right
FJCDE CIRC HQ767.5.U5 K37 2022 The story of Jane : the legendary underground feminist abortion service
FJCDE CIRC HQ77.8.F79 L56 2022 Phyllis Frye and the fight for transgender rights
FJCDO CIRC HQ77.8.G34 A3 2022 This body I wore : a memoir
FJCKE CIRC HQ77.9 .B53 2018 Becoming an ally to the gender-expansive child : a guide for parents and carers
FJCSO CIRC HQ799.9.P6 B38 2021 Winning Lebanon : youth politics, populism and the production of sectarian violence, 1920-1958
FJCDE CIRC HT1048 .W35 2022 A world transformed : slavery in the Americas and the origins of global power
FJCDO CIRC HT612 .N54 2022 Acceptance : a memoir
FJCDO CIRC HV1553 .M3725 2022 Disability pride : dispatches from a post-ADA world
FJCKE CIRC HV1553 .N54 2012 A disability history of the United States
FJCNA CIRC HV4493 .C88 2019 Homelessness, social exclusion and health : global perspectives, local solutions
FJCKE CIRC HV640.5.S97 A84 2021 Defiance in exile : Syrian refugee women in Jordan
FJCSO CIRC HV6524 .E78 2021 Covered with night : a story of murder and indigenous justice in early America
FJCDE CIRC HV6773 .G7424 2022 Tracers in the dark : the global hunt for the crime lords of cryptocurrency
FJCDO CIRC HV6773 .G7424 2022 Tracers in the dark : the global hunt for the crime lords of cryptocurrency
FJCDE CIRC HV699 .F68 2022 Getting me cheap : how low-wage work traps women and girls in poverty
FJCDO CIRC HV699 .F68 2022 Getting me cheap : how low-wage work traps women and girls in poverty
FJCDO CIRC HV9105.F72 F56 2022 We carry their bones : the search for justice at the Dozier School for Boys
FJCKE CIRC HX73 .N46 2020 Socialism : a very short introduction
FJCDO CIRC JC574 .F85 2022 Liberalism and its discontents
FJCKE CIRC KF3469 .C73 2022 Twenty-two cents an hour : disability rights and the fight to end subminimum wages
FJCKE CIRC KF3891.M2 M35 2019 Marijuana 360 : differing perspectives on legalization
FJCNA CIRC LB The Emotionally Intelligent Online Tutor : Effective Tutoring in Blended and Distance Learning Environments
FJCKE CIRC LB Failure Before Success : Teachers Describe What They Learned from Mistakes
FJCNO CIRC LB1028.25.U6 L56 2016 Proof, policy, and practice : understanding the role of evidence in improving education
FJCNA CIRC LB1051 .L652 2022 How to navigate life : the new science of finding your way in school, career, and beyond
FJCDO CIRC LB1573 .A36 2022 Teaching readers (not reading) : moving beyond skills and strategies to reader-focused instruction
FJCNA CIRC LB2328 .S945 2021 Student success in the community college : what really works?
FJCNA CIRC LB2341 .G644 2008 Governance in the Community College : New Directions for Community Colleges, Spring 2008
FJCNA CIRC LB2343.32 .P54 2022 The secret syllabus : a guide to the unwritten rules of college success
FJCNA CIRC LB2345.3.R37 S67 2021 After campus sexual assault : a guide for parents
FJCSO CIRC LB2353.67 .N497 2017 Next-generation ACCUPLACER study guide : test prep & practice questions for the next-generation ACCUPLACER exam
FJCSO CIRC LB2353.67 .N498 2018 Next generation ACCUPLACER study guide : test prep and practice questions for the next-generation ACCUPLACER Placement Exam.
FJCSO CIRC LB2353.67 .N499 2022 Next-generation accuplacer secrets study guide : your key to exam success
FJCDO CIRC LB2353.68 .C588 2021 CLEP : official study guide 2022.
FJCNA CIRC LB2353.68 .C588 2021 CLEP : official study guide 2022.
FJCNO CIRC LC268 .H44 2022 Battle for the American mind : uprooting a century of miseducation

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