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New Books for July 2021:

Due to the transition to Alma, no new titles were added this month. Please check back next month for new titles.

New Books for June 2021:

FJCSO P91.5.U5 H66 2020 Honors communication : contextual issues and lessons learned   2020
FJCDE PE1143 .P43 2018 The art of spelling  Pearson, Jenny, auth 2018
FJCDE PE1421 .H63 2014 Teaching American literature : a twelve-week lesson plan  Hockert, Valerie, au 2014
FJCSO PE1431 .L86 2019 Everything’s an argument  Lunsford, Andrea A., 2019
FJCSO PE1449 .S64 2017 499 words every college student should know : a professor’s Spignesi, Stephen J. 2017
FJCDE PE1450 .C75 2020 Actually, the comma goes here : a practical guide to punctua Cripps, Lucy, author 2020
FJCSO PN1995.9.H6 G564 2020 The book of horror : the anatomy of fear in film  Glasby, Matt, author 2020
FJCSO PN1998.3.S39 S26 2020 The films of Martin Scorsese : gangsters, greed, and guilt  San Juan, Eric, 1973 2020
FJCDE PN4783 .A83 2020 The Associated Press stylebook : 2020-2022    2020
FJCKE PN4874.R425 A3 2021 Late migrations : a natural history of love and loss  Renkl, Margaret, aut 2021
FJCSO PN6725 .S425 2020 Marvel greatest comics : 100 comics that built a universe  Scott, Melanie, auth 2020
FJCSO PN6728.B4968 F74 2018 Bingo love  Franklin, Tee, write 2018
FJCSO PN6728.B51944 H86 2019 Blackbird. [graphic novel]  Humphries, Sam, auth 2019
FJCNA PN6728.J56 F33 2020 Superman’s pal, Jimmy Olsen : who killed Jimmy Olsen?  Fraction, Matt, writ 2020
FJCKE PR6103.H3754 S84 2020 The sugared game  Charles, KJ, author. 2020
FJCKE PR6108.A76 S84 2020 Sugar money : a novel  Harris, Jane, 1961- 2020
FJCKE PS3557.R534 G66 2018 Gone again : a Jack Swyteck novel  Grippando, James, 19 2018
FJCKE PS3561.I4814 W75 2021 Writers & lovers : a novel  King, Lily, author. 2021
FJCNA PS3601.C5456 A615 2021 2034 : a novel of the next world war  Ackerman, Elliot, au 2021
FJCKE PS3602.A5855 W48 2020 Whisper network  Baker, Chandler, aut 2020
FJCKE PS3603.A7325 T47 2020 These ghosts are family : a novel  Card, Maisy, author. 2020
FJCCE PS3607.R4998 G57 2017 The girl who lived : a thrilling suspense novel  Greyson, Christopher 2017
FJCSO PS3608.E52548 Y43 2020 The year of the witching  Henderson, Alexis, a 2020
FJCKE PS3613.O54898 O56 2021 Oona out of order  Montimore, Margarita 2021
FJCKE PS3619.T74259 A45 2021 All adults here  Straub, Emma, author 2020
FJCKE PS3623.E886 V35 2021 Valentine : a novel  Wetmore, Elizabeth, 2021
FJCNA PS591.H58 L38 2020 The Latinx poetry project    2020
FJCSO PZ7.7.O54 Pr 2016 Princess Princess ever after  O’Neill, Katie (Cart 2016
FJCSO PZ7.R5547 Art 2011 Art show mystery  Robins, Eleanor. ©2006, 2011
FJCSO PZ7.R5547 Bes 2011 The best week ever  Robins, Eleanor. 2011
FJCSO PZ7.R5547 Fi 2011 The field trip mystery  Robins, Eleanor. 2011
FJCSO PZ7.R5547 Li 2011 Library book mystery  Robins, Eleanor. ©2006, 2011
FJCSO PZ7.R5547 Mi 2011 The missing test mystery  Robins, Eleanor. 2011, ©2006
FJCSO PZ7.R5547 Secr 2011 The secret message  Robins, Eleanor. 2011
FJCSO PZ7.R5547 Too 2011 Too late  Robins, Eleanor. c2011
FJCSO PZ7.R5547 Wh 2011 Where is Mr. Zane?  Robins, Eleanor. ©2011

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