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New Books for June 2023:

No new items were added this month.

New Books for June 2023:

FJCNA CIRC QA276 .T228 2009 The manga guide to statistics 
FJCNA CIRC QA300 .K57513 2009 The manga guide to calculus 
FJCDE FJCDO FJCSO CIRC QA76.585 .L573 2021 Cloud computing basics : a non-technical introduction 
FJCNA CIRC QA76.73.C153 L67 2019 C++ crash course : a fast-paced introduction 
FJCNA CIRC QA76.73.P98 M38 2023 Python crash course : a hands-on, project-based introduction to programming 
FJCDE FJCDO FJCSO CIRC QA76.9.O43 L36 2022 Computers for beginners and seniors : a user guide on how to become an expert in computer with illustrations 
FJCDE FJCDO FJCSO CIRC QA76.9.O43 R44 2022 Seniors guide to Macbook : the most complete and intuitive step by step manual to master your new Mac, with tips and tricks for senior beginner users 
FJCNA CIRC QP509 .T3513 2011 The manga guide to biochemistry 
FJCDE CIRC QR64.7 .Y68 2023 Pandora’s gamble : lab leaks, pandemics, and a world at risk 
FJCDE CIRC R Basic Medical Language
FJCNA CIRC R728.8 .B425 2018 Pearson’s comprehensive medical assisting : administrative and clinical competencies 
FJCKE CIRC RC552.A5 F745 2023 Good girls : a story and study of anorexia 
FJCSO CIRC RC660 .P424 2011 The encyclopedia of diabetes 
FJCKE CIRC SB418 .S78 2023 The container victory garden : a beginner’s guide to growing your own groceries 
FJCKE CIRC TD171.7 .H435 2023 The climate action handbook : a visual guide to 100 climate solutions for everyone 
FJCDE CIRC TD195.F57 G7 2023 Avocado anxiety : and other stories about where your food comes from 
FJCDE FJCDO FJCSO CIRC TK5105.885.G66 G37 2022 Mastering the basics of information searching (& of Google) 
FJCDE CIRC TS171.4 .L56 2023 The new designer : rejecting myths, embracing change 
FJCDO CIRC TX763 .B3233 2013 On baking : a textbook of baking and pastry fundamentals 

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