Q-T: Science, Medicine, Agriculture & Technology

New Books for January 2023:

FJCKE CIRC Q334.7 .G54 2022 How to stay smart in a smart world : why human intelligence still beats algorithms 
FJCDE CIRC QA76.73.J38 B87 2022 Java 
FJCDE CIRC QA76.9.D32 X83 2018 Blockchain : an illustrated guidebook to understanding Blockchain 
FJCKE CIRC QC527 .J67 2021 Spark : the life of electricity and the electricity of life 
FJCKE CIRC QE922 .M37 2021 Tropical Arctic : lost plants, future climates, and the discovery of ancient Greenland 
FJCDO CIRC QH Parasites : The Inside Story
FJCKE CIRC QH440 .S27 2021 Cut-and-paste genetics : a CRISPR revolution 
FJCKE CIRC QH577 .M83 2022 The song of the cell : an exploration of medicine and the new human 
FJCKE CIRC QL26 .C45 2022 Chimpanzee memoirs : stories of studying and saving our closest living relatives 
FJCKE CIRC QL463 .H57 2021 Rebugging the planet : the remarkable things that insects (and other invertebrates) do – and why we need to love them more 
FJCDO CIRC QL85 .B767 2022 Pests : how humans create animal villains 
FJCKE CIRC QL85 .K532 2021 Animals’ best friends : putting compassion to work for animals in captivity and in the wild 
FJCKE CIRC QP360 .C3667 2020 The shallows : what the Internet is doing to our brains 
FJCDO CIRC QP431 .Y68 2022 An immense world : how animal senses reveal the hidden realms around us 
FJCNA CIRC R The Digestive System : Basic Science and Clinical Conditions
FJCKE CIRC RA395.A3 C492 2022 All health politics is local : community battles for medical care and environmental health 
FJCNA CIRC RA399.A3 P766 2022 The health care data guide : learning from data for improvement 
FJCNA CIRC RA410.5 .W455 2022 Lifelines : a doctor’s journey in the fight for public health 
FJCNA CIRC RA418 .C66 2021 Why are health disparities everyone’s problem? 
FJCNA CIRC RA418 .H25 2019 The medicalization of birth and death 
FJCNA CIRC RA418 .M3272 2022 The myth of normal : trauma, illness, & healing in a toxic culture 
FJCNA CIRC RA418 .U54 2021 Unequal cities : structural racism and the death gap in America’s largest cities 
FJCNA CIRC RA418.3.U6 B37 2019 Health disparities in the United States : social class, race, ethnicity, and the social determinants of health 
FJCNA CIRC RA425 The political determinants of health 
FJCNA CIRC RA448.5.B53 P653 2021 Sickening : anti-Black racism and health disparities in the United States 
FJCNA CIRC RA638 .R685 2022 Vaccination : examining the facts 
FJCDO CIRC RA644.C67 P364 2022 The pandemic divide : how COVID increased inequality in America 
FJCDO CIRC RA644.C67 W47 2022 The invisible siege : the rise of coronaviruses and the search for a cure 
FJCNA CIRC RB38.2 .D38 2021 Davis’s comprehensive manual of laboratory and diagnostic tests with nursing implications 
FJCKE CIRC RC Analysis and Exile : Boyhood, Loss, and the Lessons of Anna Freud
FJCKE CIRC RC Binge and Sprint : From Endless Cake to Recovery
FJCKE CIRC RC Heart Smarter for Women : Six Weeks to a Healthier Heart
FJCKE CIRC RC How It Feels to Be You : Objects, Play and Child Psychotherapy
FJCKE CIRC RC Lyme : The First Epidemic of Climate Change
FJCKE CIRC RC Unlocked : Online Therapy Stories
FJCNA CIRC RC Desperately Seeking Self
FJCKE CIRC RC261 .W415 2021 Is cancer inevitable? 
FJCKE CIRC RC267 .N4588 2021 A new deal for cancer : lessons from a 50 year war 
FJCKE CIRC RC267 .T768 2021 Centers of the cancer universe : a half-century of progress against cancer 
FJCNA CIRC RC523 .K375 2021 The problem of Alzheimer’s : how science, culture, and politics turned a rare disease into a crisis and what we can do about it 
FJCKE CIRC RC523 .S733 2021 The busy caregiver’s guide to advanced Alzheimer disease 
FJCKE CIRC RC552.C65 T46 2021 Rezoom : the powerful reframe to end the crash-and-burn cycle of food addiction 
FJCDO CIRC RC552.O25 D56 2022 Weightless : making space for my resilient body and soul 
FJCKE CIRC RC628 .G674 2020 What we don’t talk about when we talk about fat 
FJCKE CIRC RC662 .D44 2021 The 30-minute type 2 diabetes cookbook : 75 fuss-free recipes for healthy eating 
FJCKE CIRC RC662 .H378 2021 The everything easy pre-diabetes cookbook : 200 healthy recipes to help reverse and manage pre-diabetes 
FJCDE CIRC RC682 .H87 2022 Understanding the heart : surprising insights into the evolutionary origins of heart disease-and why it matters 
FJCKE CIRC RC933 .P435 2020 Mayo Clinic guide to arthritis : managing joint pain for an active life 
FJCNA CIRC RD99.25 .C65 2021 Med-surg success : NCLEX-style Q&A review 
FJCDO CIRC RG135 .Q855 2022 Hatching : experiments in motherhood and technology 
FJCKE CIRC RJ506.A9 G697 2022 The loving push : a guide to successfully prepare spectrum kids for adulthood 
FJCDO CIRC RJ506.A9 S92 2022 Forever boy : a mother’s memoir of autism and finding joy 
FJCNA CIRC RM Cooper’s Fundamentals of Hand Therapy : Clinical Reasoning and Treatment Guidelines for Common Diagnoses of the Upper Extremity
FJCNA CIRC RM Occupational Therapy With Groups
FJCNA CIRC RM The Evidence-Based Practitioner : Applying Research to Meet Client Needs
FJCNA CIRC RM Therapeutic Reasoning in Occupational Therapy : How to Develop Critical Thinking for Practice
FJCNA CIRC RM666.H33 S728 2017 Herbal formularies for health professionals  Immunology, Orthopedics, and Otolaryngology, Including Allergies, the Immune System, the Musculoskeletal System, and the Eyes, Ears, Nose, Mouth, and
FJCNA CIRC RT Clinical Companion for Fundamentals of Nursing : Active Learning for Collaborative Practice
FJCNA CIRC RT Fundamentals of Nursing Care : Concepts, Connections & Skilts
FJCNA CIRC RT Learning Disability Nursing : Developing Professional Practice
FJCNA CIRC RT Nursing Diagnosis Reference Manual
FJCNA CIRC RT Successful Nurse Communication : Safe Care, Healthy Workplaces & Rewarding Careers
FJCNA CIRC RT The Health Care Professional’s Guide to Cultural Competence
FJCNA CIRC RT41 Fundamentals of nursing : the art and science of person-centered care 
FJCNA CIRC RT42 International practice development in health and social care 
FJCNA CIRC RT48 Pharmacology success : NCLEX-style Q & A review 
FJCKE CIRC S561.6.I8 H64 2021 Bet the farm : the dollars and sense of growing food in America 
FJCSO CIRC SF422.5 .P437 2021 Dogopolis : how dogs and humans made modern New York, London, and Paris 
FJCKE CIRC T14.5 .C374 2015 The glass cage : how our computers are changing us 
FJCKE CIRC TD741 .Z45 2021 The other dark matter : the science and business of turning waste into wealth and health 
FJCDE CIRC TH4816 .J48 2022 Create your dream home on a budget : practical advice, inspiration, and projects 
FJCDE CIRC TH4816 .J55 2022 The hardworking home : a DIY guide to working, learning, and living at home 
FJCDE CIRC TJ250 .G69 2022 Engines : the inner workings of machines that move the world 
FJCKE CIRC TL789.85.W67 A3 2021 The light of Earth : reflections on a life in space 
FJCNO CIRC TX714 .L66835 2019 In pursuit of flavor 
FJCNO CIRC TX715.2.S68 M64 2015 Sweetie Pie’s cookbook : soulful southern recipes, from my family to yours 
FJCDO CIRC TX739.2.C45 R88 2022 The Christmas movie cookbook : recipes from your favorite holiday films 

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