May in the Library

After the whirlwind that was National Poetry Month (virtual and actual poetry slams! daily poetry features! a bilingual poetry reading!), we’re spending May catching our breath as we close out our budget. Naturally, the end of the budget year means lots of extra goodies on our new release shelves, so we hope you’ll take advantage of the opportunity and stop by. As things come in, things must go out, so we’re also doing a lot of weeding in our collection, which means that the freebie cart is overflowing.

Beginning with the Summer term, there will be some changes in the Library – most notably the back door to the Library (the one nearest the 2200s) will be closed. We’ve had a lot of requests from students to make the Library into a quieter space, and after some deliberation we decided that closing that door and removing the cut-through traffic was the best way to ensure students have the quiet they need in order to study. You’ll still be able to access the Library through the main double doors by the Circulation desk. Upstairs in the Learning Commons, the double doors on the west end will be opened up to give easier access to the restrooms on that side of the building. (Another student request!)

Please let us know what you think of these changes, and if you have any additional suggestions. Next month we look forward to the return of Indiana Junes, but until then we’ll see you in the stacks!


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