May in the Library and Learning Commons

If you’re just now recovering from the end of the semester, don’t worry – so are we! May started off with a whirl of activity in the LLCs, as various campuses offered Stress Relief Week options such as mini-massages, paper crane folding, and mini Zen gardens to take the edge off students’ (or faculty’s!) finals angst. We also offered coffee and snacks to help fuel your brains. If you missed it this time, keep an eye on your LLCs during finals week next Fall, because this is a recurring event.

If you’re based at South Campus, you may have heard a strange beeping sound coming from the stacks the first week of the month as the staff at South worked to finish the campus’s first complete inventory of their holdings, which is no small matter considering they carry almost 45,000 items. The inventory finished ahead of schedule, and marks the conclusion of a cycle of inventories at all the main campuses.

We plan to lie low for the rest of May and work on planning for Indiana Junes and Shark Week for June, as well as starting to plot Banned Books Week fun in the Fall. Until next month, we’ll see you in the stacks!

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