May in the Library

As expected, May in the Library is a bit on the quiet side…at least on the surface. We’re busily spending the last of our budget, which means May is a great time for those of you who like to peruse our New Arrivals shelves. We’ve also added a bunch of new DVDs who like their summer with a side of cinema.

In addition, we’ve got a lot of plans for the not-too-distant future. We’ll keep you spoiler-free on most of them for now, but we are happy to announce our June event, hosted in conjunction with Student Activities: The Fedora is a Lie: What the Indiana Jones Movies Got Right (and Wrong) About the Study of Archaeology.

UNF’s Dr. Keith Ashley will join us at 6:00pm on Tuesday, June 16th in A1058 for a presentation on the finer points of how not to be an archaeologist (as demonstrated by the unforgettable Dr. Jones), followed by a screening of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Seating will start at 5:30pm, so be sure to arrive early and get your seat.

In support of this event, we’ll be hosting Indiana Junes on our Facebook page, and featuring daily posts about history and archaeology that are guaranteed to make you want to slap on a fedora.

We hope you’ll join us on the 16th. Until next month, see you in the stacks!


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